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Ball Track - Tunnel-curve

Rating 4
Ball Track

Your children will go nuts over this amazing marlbe run made by Haba. It's 3.78" Height x 13.08" Length x 5.16" Width and weighs about 3.31 lbs. To begin with, remember the fact that you can buy a magnificent present for children without having to spend too much There are many different ways in which to do your research without causing yourself a whole lot of added hassle. The secrets to get straight answers about Marble Run sets is to try and start reading a wide range of comments, including the terrible and the best. Take a little bit of time and you will find what exactly you would like to buy for children at a good price.


Model: 3552
Package Quantity: 1

Steep curve, left hand curve, appropriate hand curve - what an exciting circuit! But where to go next? Made in Germany. Underneath the extended track naturally! Set includes 1 track with subway, 1 steep curve, 2 curves, 1 straight track and 6 marbles. Recommended for ages 3 - 10 years.


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