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Marble Run 24 Piece Set

Rating 4
Marble Run 24 Piece Set

Snap and make with Marble Run 24 Piece , a great marlbe run made by House Of Marbles. One of the several best features for this marlbe run is the plastic pieces slot together so the set is quite stable. Other features include things like set does include marbles and for ages 5 and above. The UPC or the "Universal Product Code", for this is 014631006140. Cheapest price Marble Run 24 Piece Set . For more information regarding this Marble Run set, visit our store link below.

House of Marbles

Model: 210000
UPS: 014631006140

Kids can invest hours snapping these plastic chutes, swirls and drops together to produce marbles go in all diverse directions. Each interlocking piece is created from impact resistant plastic to endure years of play. Suggested for ages 5 and up. 6 marbles are included.


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