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Marble Run 48 Piece Kit

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Marble Run 48 Piece Kit

Are you looking to pick a Marble Run set? Marble Run 48 Piece is an excellent Marble Run set. Part# 210050. I think you will love that the product offers this feature, plastic pieces slot together so the set is quite stable. Other features consist of for ages 4 and above and build play and learn. The marlbe run is 3.5"H x 15"L x 10"W and weighs somewhere around 2.15 lbs. When searching for Marble Run 48 Piece do not simply purchase from the initial place you stumble upon. The initial place you stumble upon it might not be the most suitable. You may learn about the experience a persons child gained when using the product. Take a little additional time and you'll find everything that you would like to buy for kids at the best price tag for your budget. To get the best price for this Marble Run set along with other products, check out our store add to cart button below.

House of Marbles

Model: 210050
Package Quantity: 1

In 1973, our founder began making Solitaire as appropriately as other board games in his garage and promoting them at local Craft Fairs. Looking about for interesting playing pieces, he realized that if he wanted colorful and unusual glass marbles he was going to have to find them for himself - and so House of Marbles was born. Plenty of marbles included for hours of building and rolling. Enjoy this Marble Run a perfect kit for adventurous minds, made from heavy-duty plastic with snap-together tubes and chutes, the only limit is your imagination.


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