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Haba Marble Run Horizontal Track

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Marble Run Horizontal Track

Be certain to purchase a Marble Run Horizontal a really good Marble Run set manufactured by Haba. It's dimensions are 3.78" Height x 13.08" Length x 5.16" Width and has got a weight of 3.01 lbs. Via the internet you can access loads of sources and details to allow you to make the right purchase. First and foremost, be aware that you can get a fabulous present for kids without spending a lot Articles are an effective way to find details about both price and quality concerning items. Using a review there can be found details with regards to merchandise from customers who've bought these items recently. Make certain you evaluate the price tag on Marble Run Horizontal . New Marble Run Horizontal .


Model: 3527
Package Quantity: 1

HABA 3527 - Nimble fingers welcomed! Complementary to all HABA building blocks and marble run sets. Will it come to a standstill or go on rolling? Long ramp measures 12. Wooden set includes two curves, three straight tracks, one extended ramp, seven rectangular blocks and six marbles. 3"tall. What amount of energy does a marble have to reach the end of this horizontal track? Made in Germany Recommended for 3 years and up.


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