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Haba Marble Runs Steep Curve

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Marble Runs Steep Curve

I think you will like that the item has got this feature of measurements: packaging 5 x 13 x 3. 5 inches. Additional features consist of made in germany, materials: wood and weight: 2. 4 lbs. 3591 is the manufacturer's number for this item. On the internet you have access to an abundance of resources and info that may help you make the right purchase decision. Is this going to in reality make the kid happy? Make a little bit of time and you'll find specifically what you wish to purchase for kids at the suitable price for your budget. Buying the Haba Marble Runs Steep Curve . We would like you to get the best price and service when selecting a Marble Run set!


Model: 3591
Package Quantity: 1

HABA 3591 - HABA 3591 - Welcome to the HABA circuit! Recommended for 3-10 years. What an exciting race! The balls zip by way of the 180-degree curve, land on the long straight track and off they visit the domino rally. Set contains 1 hill track, 1 steep curve, 1 straight track, 2 cubes, 2 rectangular pieces, 6 domino blocks and 6 marbles. Made in Germany.


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