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Quadrilla Fun Set 4

Rating 4
Quadrilla Fun Set 4

Shopping for the latest Marble Run set? Quadrilla Fun Set 4 is really fun Marble Run set. The marlbe run weighs somewhere around 1.1 lbs. While shopping for Quadrilla Fun Set 4 do not rush your purchase. The initial place you discover it might not be the most suitable. Make a bit of extra time and you'll find the thing that you want to buy for children at the right value for your budget. To see the bargain I found, visit the link on this site.

Manhattan Toy

Model: 44651
UPS: 011964446513

Create a sensation they'll anticipate time and time once again. Watch marbles spinning at high speeds with this mesmerizing helix. Ages 4 and up. Quadrilla Fun Set 4 Includes 4 connector blocks with two holes each. 2 1/2"tall per block


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