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Hape Quadrilla Twist And Rail Set - 98 Piece, 50 Marble

Quadrilla Twist And Rail Set5 Star Rating
Quadrilla Twist And Rail SetHape Quadrilla Twist And Rail Set 98 Piece 50 Marble Image 1Hape Quadrilla Twist And Rail Set 98 Piece 50 Marble Image 2Hape Quadrilla Twist And Rail Set 98 Piece 50 Marble Image 3Hape Quadrilla Twist And Rail Set 98 Piece 50 Marble Image 4Hape Quadrilla Twist And Rail Set 98 Piece 50 Marble Image 5Hape Quadrilla Twist And Rail Set 98 Piece 50 Marble Image 6Hape Quadrilla Twist And Rail Set 98 Piece 50 Marble Image 7Hape Quadrilla Twist And Rail Set 98 Piece 50 Marble Image 8
Click And Build With The Quadrilla Twist And Rail Set

Shopping for a terrific Marble Run set? Quadrilla Twist And Rail Set brought to you by Hape is an increadibly fun Marble Run set! Just one of the characteristics for these marlbe runs is the endless possibilities for 3-dimensional thinking, creating captivating structures. The marlbe run dimensions are 13.2"H x 21"L x 5.3"W. It weighs close to 11.8 lbs, add to cart by clicking on the hyperlink below.

hape quadrilla twist rail piece marble

Standard Price: $149.99
Price: $154.80
Publisher: Hape
Model: E6001

Product Description

Quadrilla stands above the rest as the premier marble run system and Twist and Rail could be probably the most flexible and dynamic of all Quadrilla sets. Just make sure to let the kids have their turns! Start straightforward to obtain the hang of all the color coded blocks, then increase the complexity of designs. Quadrilla could be the most stable wooden marble run on the market and so much fun for kids and adults. Build challenging, stable styles producing use of the teeter-totter, spiral and also the other 96 pieces that happen to be Quadrilla Twist and Rail by Hape. Mom and Dad will love playing, too. Children will love constructing their extremely personal unique styles and watching the way marbles roll through them. Endless design possibilities in hard wood and Baltic Birch. Let Your Engineering Juices Roll! How high can you create? Making sure each track, each block, each ramp is positioned just right. Kids can produce tandem designs and race marbles through them. Quadrilla Twist and Rail engages all generations of engineers. The See-Saw Accumulator adds drama to any design as each side fills towards the tipping point, then unleashes a torrent of marbles. Or, copying the wonderfully concise styles included within the Twist and Rail play manual. The Quadrilla Spiral and bright red See-Saw Accumulator highlight this set. Energize your engineering expertise and get started creating your dream marble run.

The Marble Run that Teaches Quadrilla offers up so many creative possibilities together with troubleshooting and crucial thinking exercises. Younger kids will find Quadrilla just as engaging as they learn simple construction techniques and definable cause and effect."Why didn't the marble go where I wanted to go?"" Was the right block positioned in the right way?"Kids will be challenged to full designs, troubleshoot their styles and correct or redesign. Using designs included inside the manual children learn to adhere to clear construction plans and may possibly troubleshoot as they create.

Stable Structures in Wood Quadrilla Twist and Rail from Hape includes 98 building pieces like the See-Saw Accumulator, the well-known Spiral, color coded hardwood blocks and sturdy baltic birch tracks plus 50 marbles. The See-Saw Accumulator fills alternating sides with marbles towards the tipping point and pours them out ready for the subsequent load. The Spiral is really a woodworking masterpiece created from a single piece of wood that is stretched following which kiln-dried, a wonderful instance of Hape's wooden toy manufacturing expertise. Concise, color coded manual makes completing Marble Runs easy. Structures are stable and sturdy.

  • Most challenging set within the family of Quadrilla marble runs
  • Endless possibilities for 3-dimensional thinking, creating captivating structures
  • Quadrilla is the Ultimate Marble Run Building Set
  • Hape toy finishes are all non-toxic, child safe, and of the highest quality
  • All products comply with EN71 and ASTM quality standards-Wood used comes from FSC managed forests
  • Units: 1
  • Dimensions: Height: 13.2" Length: 21" Depth: 5.3"
  • Product Weight: 11.8 lbs.
  • Package Dim.: Height: 5.7" Length: 21.1" Depth: 13.3"
  • Package: 11.8 lbs.

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