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Space Coaster Marble Run

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Space Coaster Marble Run
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Everyone who is considering a marlbe run We've put together some information. Space Coaster Marble makes a great Marble Run set! Among the list of best attributes is the this diy marble run will stimulate your mind and creativity!. Additional features include made of plastic and metal. It has a weight of 1.94 lbs. If you prefer a good deal on this Marble Run set, check out the market button on this page.


Package Quantity: 1

This amazing marble run will keep you entertained for hours! 500 cm x Rail Track. Box measures 40cm x 23cm x 7cm. If you are looking for a creative, hands-on gift for Birthdays or Christmas, the Space Coaster Marble Run is genuinely a brilliant idea. 1 x Box of Space Coaster Pieces. 1 x Instruction Manual. Get your children away from the TV and constructing an exciting marble run! Build your truly personal marble roller coaster and watch your marbles whizz about the track and back up the motorised elevator to start again. Follow the instructions or build your personal creation, this Space Coaster Marble Run will fire kids creativity and stimulate the grey matter.


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